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Supercard Dstwo Flashcard for DS/DSL/DSi/DSiLL/3DS

Supercard Dstwo we sent by using firmware 1.25 can support the latest 3DS 8.1.0-18 and DSi 1.45 ! (2014-07-25)

If you want to find a best flasher to play NDS backups games on 2DS/ DSL/DSI/3DS, Dstwo is the best choice, with Dstwo, you can enjoy all the features such as GBA emulation with only slot-1, video playback without conversion, great SNES emulation, free Cheat, Slow Motion and so on.

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  • Supercard Dstwo we sent by using firmware 1.25 can support the latest 3DS 8.1.0-18 and Dsi 1.45  ! (2014-07-25)
  • Supercard Dstwo EOS latest version download: EOS V1.11.
  • Supercard Dstwo latest firmware download: V1.25 .
  • DSTWO can well support the new console system 3DSv6.3.0-12 with the patch for 3DS 6.0.0.

(P.S. R4i Gold 3DS, Ace3ds Plus, R4i SDHC 3DS RTS, R4 Gold Pro, R4i SDHC Dual-core, R4i SDHC Silver can directly work on 3DS v6.2.0-xx.)

DStwo Description:

The SupercardDSTwo(Also Known As: SuperCardDS2, DSTWO, DS2, SCDSTWO, SCDS2) is a 2nd generation flashcart released by SuperCard team. It is one of the best flashcarts working for DS/DSi/3ds. It has an imbedded CPU provides many powerful features that other 1st generation flashcarts do not have. It has features such as GBA emulation with only slot-1, video playback without conversion, great SNES emulation.

You can do things like copy/cut/paste/delete in the Supercard DSTwo features menu, what's more, it has the handy real time menu. Real Time Saving and loading so you don't have to wait until you get to a checkpoint to save, It has Real Time Guides to help you, Real Time Cheat to activate or deactivate cheats codes at any time while playing your game, it has free Cheat to make cheat codes on the fly, Slow Motion to get past those high intensity situations with ease, and Soft Reset to go back to the DSTwo's menu without having to reset your DS. If you want to find a best flashcard, DSTwo is your choose.

DStwo Features:

  • On-board CPU

  • microSDHC support

  • Free microSD reader

  • EOS is frequently addressed, updated, discussed

  • Nice clean interface

  • In-game menu

  • Soft-reset, cheats, in-game guide

  • Slow-motion, soft-reset, etc

  • On-the-fly AP patching

  • Multi-language support

  • Action Replay cheat support

  • Clean ROM support, no patching required

  • Auto DLDI patching support

  • PassME functionality

  • Custom icon “plug-in” organizational support

  • Slot-1 GBA emulation solution

  • High NDS Homebrew compatibility

  • High NDS retail ROM dump compatibility

  • Updatable firmware

  • Official SDK (soon to be released)

  • Strong user community


Package Content:

1 * Supercard DSTWO
1 * microSD reader
1 * DSTwo User Manual (in "English" and Chinese)




  • 2G Kingston/Sandsik SD card (5 games + latest firmware)

  • 4G/8G/16G Kingston/Sandsik SD card (10 games+ latest firmware)

dstwo package



SD Card Games
2GB 4GB/8G/16G
1. Dragon Quest IX_ Sentinels of the Starry Skies(US) 1. Dragon Quest IX_ Sentinels of the Starry Skies(US)
2. New Super Mario Bros(US) 2. Golden Sun_Dark Dawn(US)
3. Plants vs. Zombies(US) 3. Mario Kart DS(US)
4. Pokemon Black(US) 4. Monster Tale(US)
5. The Legend of Zelda:Spirit Tracks(US) 5. New Super Mario Bros(US)
6. Plants vs. Zombies(US)
7. Pokemon Black(US)
8. Pokemon White(US)
9. Radiant Historia(US)
10.The Legend of Zelda:Spirit Tracks(US)


Q: We often talked about which card is better, so could you please tell me which flashcard has which features, how I can know a feature is unique?

A: Here is the guide for you, just take a look at it:

flashcard guide


Q: How to use DStwo to play GBA games?

A: With DSTWO, no need for other things, just download firmware and plugin.

Step 1:Download the latest firmware DSTWO EOS v1.11 form its official site.
Unzip it,put the files” _dstwo” and “ds2boot.dat” into your SD card.

Step2:Download the DSTWO plugin,then you will get ” NDSGBA_for_DSTWO_v1.30.zip”.
and unzip it, put the files “_dstwoplug” and “NDSGBA” into your SD card.

Step 3:Put some GBA games into SD card, such as “The Bee Game.gba”, ”Super Robot Taisen – Original Generation.gba”.

Step 4:Insert the SD card and your DSTWO into a 3DS console. Power on it,click the icon”GBA Emulator”, enter in it, then click"New", you can enjoy GBA games now.

Q: How to add cheats to my DSTWO?

A: Put the usercheat.dat file into your _dstwo folder.

Q: How do you play 3DS roms on dstwo?

A: At present,there aren't any cards can support 3ds roms,including dstwo. Maybe as you know, dstwo is the best flashcart at the moment, it can support 3DS and DSI latest version.

Q: What should my settings be to play GBA games best on my supercard dstwo? It's running pokemon kind of laggy, and that's one of the main reasons I bought this: To play pokemon. Any ideas for like, frame skip, cpu frequency, etc?

A: If you want games to run near 100%. First, Go in the "Others" menu, set CPU to "4", and then go in the "Video/Audio" menu set frame skip type to "Auto". Set "Frame Skip Level" to "1".

From Comment
2014-04-16 Adward B... Have been using the flash cart for a few days now and it's been working great, haven't come across any problems so far. The only issue I have with this product is that the card itself feels kind of cheap in relation to its price, a nicer label would go a long way.
2014-04-16 Mendez Y... Well packaged, arrived quickly and does exactly what it says it will. Have had no trouble with copy protection on any of the DS ROMs I have tried and the SNES and GBA emulation are both top notch.
2014-04-11 Hammond W... is little complex to to update supercard dstwo to work on 3ds V7.1.0-16 with firmware V1.25 , is difficult for me , but they sent me a tutorial , now i done it ! thanks again for great customer services and speedy shipping .
2014-03-25 Yahoosmdd C... I will be recommending oz3ds to my friends and will buy from here in the future..

Now to go fill my card with all my favourite classics :)
2014-03-21 Graville S... many of my friends bought flashcards from you, perfect cards, support Pokermonblack/white perfectly, except 3DS roms
2014-03-17 Buddd S... Itis a little complex to to update supercard dstwo to work on 3ds V7.1.0-16 with firmware V1.25 , is difficult for me , but they sent me a tutorial , now i done it ! thanks again for great customer services and speedy shipping .
2014-03-14 Gibbs T...

i have bought a lot of r4 cards from this company and they have super fast delivery, 5 star after sales help if you need it the best company I have dealt with in all the years I have been buying r4 cards keep up the good work :)
2014-03-06 Gusomo S... love the card , thx
2014-03-05 Jason w... really great, worth to get one, i was just using it to play GBA games and i also tried to play SNES games, can support directly after downloading the driver from the official site
2014-03-01 Gim S... Guys , you can trust them
2012-11-20 Anthoney T... Just purchased this card took a little over 1 week from Hong Kong to Australia and just received it today so far its working great on the latest 3DS XL update no problems very trustworthy, i would definately buy from here again.
2012-05-24 Alex Z... I purchased two dstwo last week.Both of them worked well.My little sons like them very much.
And the firmware has been updated to the latest version.Good pruducts and great customer service.
I'd like to purchase from them again.:)
2011-08-02 Rachael S... I have used this in both my DSi v1.4.3 console and my 3DS 2.1.0-4 console and it has worked well in both.I personally think the supercard dstwo is the best cart...it also works on the original DS, and can also be updated to work on the 3DS,and it has built-in SNES and GBA emulators, tons of exclusive homebrew, and near-perfect game compatibility.
2011-06-19 Martin C... I was lucky enough to receive my supercard dstwo just before a vacation and I was so happy. i love you guys!
2011-05-19 Jessica W... I was grateful when the ds2 arrived, and was exactly what I had hoped it would be. I am so glad that there are companies like yours that enable us to get supercards like this at far less cost than in the normal commercial market.Thanks again for being dependable, competitively priced, and competent in your dealings.
2011-02-18 tety t... I've been using many many types of flashcard for my dsi, but until now, this has been the best one I've ever used
2010-09-05 Mikael L... We have ordered from you guys many times before. and once again it doesnt let us down. great price, great shipping and suggest it to others, beats the regulart price at any where and works as well as those sold there.

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