Great News! R4i Gold 3DS Supports 3DS V4.4.0-10 Successfully!

Having waiting for about two weeks, R4i Gold 3DS users finally get the delightful news. R4i Gold 3DS team has released the new patch to make it possible to enjoy the 3DS version 4.4.0-10 with your R4i Gold 3DS flashcards.

And the news also comes that this patch is for R4i Gold 3DS which the PCB digital number >8 (means 9,10, A,B,C) can be updated with this patch, and they are still working on those old revisions (below “8” , including “8”)now, will keep it updated on our website soon.

This is the R4i Gold 3DS which can’t be updated so far because its PCB number is 5.

And these two R4i Gold 3DS can be updated with the new patch now.

Now here is the  instructions below.

Preparing  job:

Consoles: 3Ds x 1  or NDS/DSL/DSi x 1

R4i Gold 3DS  x 1

( pls make sure the flashcard works or you should fix it at first)

Cardreader x 1

SD card x 1

Download the new patch and the latest WOOD R4 firmware and unzip them

a) Before I updated my R4i Gold 3DS flashcard, I tested it on my DSi v1.44. It worked well.

b) Then I put the the latest WOOD R4 firmware and the new patch(“R4iGold3DS_3DS44_Patch_NDSi.nds” for NDSi and “R4iGold3DS_3DS44_Patch_NDSL.nds” for NDSL) to the root of my SD card.

Powered on my dsi, found the “R4iGold3DS_3DS44_Patch_NDSi.nds” and read it.

c) According to the prompt, I pressed “A”. NOTE: If you update your R4i Gold 3DS with the DSL, please take out R4i Gold 3DS flashcard and insert in again before you press “A”.

Then the R4i Gold 3DS started to update. NOTE: Keep your NDSL powered on during the updating process.

d) Just waited for a moment, it  done.

So far if the result shows Upgrading succeds, it means you have updated your R4i Gold 3DS successfully and this card can work on 3DS V4.4.0-10 now.

Here is the icon that the R4i Gold 3DS works on 3DS V4.4.0-10.

That is the steps how to update the R4i Gold 3DS flashcard. R4i Gold 3DS  is the second flashcard supporting the 3DS V4.4.0-10 . Thanks the work team.

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